Join Us in Our Mission

Founded in 1998, Sowelu is a critically acclaimed ensemble known for exploring challenging material with compassion and truth. For casting light into shadow, revealing what goes unnoticed or lacks voice in the world. Our mission is to:

In The Boom Boom Room - Social Change, How Far Have We Come?
Vincent River - Are we complicit in hate crimes?
The Lower Rooms - political torture, " can happen anywhere".

Perpetuate the primal, spiritual roots of theatre – through affordable, visceral, and stimulating performances.

Kassandra Terminus by Tania Myren
The Sowelu arts camp kids working on Anse and Bhule
Directing Kelly Tallent and Dan Hill.

Create vibrant, original works – and contribute our unique voice to the local and national library of performance.

Award winning national screenings.
World wide distribution!

Build respect for regionally located theaters – who are an integral part of our national artistic topography.

The Lower Rooms collaboration with The Narrative
Collaboration with Michael Pritchard on Anse and Bhule
Many musical collaborations with Leviticus Appleton

Cultivate community partners – that empower artists and encourage collaboration.

Training young artists for 20 years!
A unique approach to creative expression for all ages!
Caring and compassionate instructors.

Create awareness of the creative capacity within individuals in all walks of life.

Rebecca Mowe

We are long time supporters of Sowelu Theater. Sowelu pulls us out of our Shakespeare, August Wilson, Sam Shepard comfort zone and shakes us up. Whatever the play, we know that the cast and crew will put together a professional and entertaining performance.

Rebecca Mowe