The Company

Lorraine Bahr

I continue to work with Sowelu because the process dives deep, every single time.

Lorraine Bahr
Lorraine Bahr
Actor, Board President
A four time awarded actress, director, writer and teacher of acting at Portland State University and Theatre/Movement at Young Musicians & Artists. Recent performances include The New Electric Ballroom…
Nannette Gatchel
Actor, Development Officer
An actor, singer and writer, she has appeared in plays, film and commercials. Recent appearances include the Sowelu Dramatic lab reading Kassandra Terminus and the production of In the Boom Boom Room...
Luke Heyerman
Actor, Education Director
Author of 4 plays, a novel, a children’s book, and other stuff. Studied Meisner for 12 years at Playhouse West in LA. Grew up in Palo Cedro where he and 3 siblings lived at the end of a long dirt road full of incurable…
Daniel Hill
Actor, Instructor
An actor, improviser, writer, filmmaker and teacher. Originally hailing from Chicago where he directed shorts films featured in US and UK festivals, he trained extensively in Longform Improvisation with…
Barry Hunt
Actor, Artistic Director
For more than 20 years, BARRY HUNT has been the Artistic Director of Sowelu Theater in Portland, where he developed a unique aesthetic that embodies the truth of Meisner, the psychophysical life of Robert Ravan and Viewpoints.

Current Guest Artists

Ryan Downey
Currently playing Alan in The Crackwalker.  Ryan played Laurence in Emma's Child, Slim in Of Mice and Men, and Starbuck in The Rainmaker at Pentacle Theatre in Salem, OR.  His ability to work in theater is the result of the support he receives from his girlfriend, Heidi, and his two children, Ryder and Iz.
Anthony Green
Currently playing Joe in The Crackwalker.  Tony holds a BFA in Acting and a Master of Theatre Studies in Production and Design from Southern Oregon University. During his over 30 year career in the theatre he has also worked as a director, designer, casting director and educator. Since moving to...
Liviya Burns
Currently playing Theresa in The Crackwalker. Liviya graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts from the U of O. Liviya loves her work as a paraprofessional for the special ed. department at DDHS and is currently pursuing a teaching license. This is Liviya's first show in Portland, but her recent performances...
Ken Baugh
Actor, Stage Manager
Ken is playing his debut acting role in The Crackwalker after taking serval acting classes at Portland Community College.

Associated Artists 2017

Michael Fetters

I return to work at Sowelu because I have unfinished business. Because there is a place deeper than the river of emotion on which everything exists and I can go there with Sowelu. There are things that are scary to say and Sowelu finds a way to say it.  There are things that are scary to hear and Sowelu asks you to listen and react as you see fit. I can trust my impulse and except that it will take me exactly where I need to be.

Michael Fetters
Leviticus Appleton
Actor, Sound Designer
Leviticus Appleton created the original score for our current film of The Lower Rooms.
Joaquin Lopez
Actor, Board
Joaquin Lopez is a Mexican American performer from Portland, Oregon who blends music and storytelling and holds a passion for producing cultural events that honor Latin American heritage. Joaquin is an actor, activist, former Company Member and current Sowelu Board Member. As a musician, he released the album, …for the Disenchanted,...
Tom Mowe
Writer, Board
Tom has been associated with Sowelu since he was 12 years old and current serves as a member of our Board.
Jeb Pearson
Actor, Designer, Former Company Member
Jeb Pearson is a former company member, acting in Star of Hope and more. He designed the award-winning media for Picnic on the Battlefield and most recently In the Boom Boom Room.
Michael Fetters
Former Company Member
Michael Fetters is an actor and former company member. Projects include Picnic on the Battlefield, The Water Principle and is currently developing Kassandra Terminus with the ensemble.
Dillon Graves
Projects: Kassandra Terminus
Kelly Lambert
Projects: The Lower Rooms as Benny
Ty McAllister
Projects: The Lower Rooms as Helmet
Michael Pritchard
Projects: The Further Adventures Anse and Bhule in No-man’s Land
J’ena SanCartier
Projects: The Lower Rooms, Rosie
Sean Skvarka
Former Company Member
Projects: The Further Adventures of Anse and Bhule, The Swan, and more
Lobsang Tenzin
Projects: The Lower Rooms
Tyler Warren & Nathan Wilson (The Narrative)
Projects: The Lower Rooms
Garfield Wedderburn
Garfield won Best Supporting Actor for Streamers and plays Anse in our currently released film The Further Adventures of Anse and Bhule.
Tania Myren
Tania Myren is the writer of the multi-awards winning play and currently released Sowelu film The Further Adventures of Anse and Bhule in No-man's Land and Kassandra Terminus, currently in development in our Story Labs.

Former company members

Chris Harder

The Sowelu Theater Ensemble helped shape me into the artist I am today. The wealth of experience I gained as an actor and member of the staff is invaluable.  I learned to collaborate in ways that were foreign to me but now have become a part of my regular vocabulary. The two years of Meisner training cemented the foundation of my acting technique and the outreach programs offered opportunities to develop curriculum and grow as a young teacher.  I loved my time as a Sowelu artist and still carry the principals of process, discovery and ensemble collaboration at the core of my work.  Thank you Sowelu.

Chris Harder
Kelly Talent
An actor, writer, mother and public servant whose Portland theater tenure spans over twenty years as does her association with the company. Recent appearances include In the Boom Boom Room…
Lesia Galimore
Former Company Member
Projects: Savage in Limbo, Headless, and more
Jenni Green
Former Company Member
Projects: Some Explicit Polaroids, Fen and more
Chris Harder
Former Company Member
Projects: Headless, and more
Devan McCoy
Former Company Member
Projects: Ensemble
Sarah McKinlay
Former Company Member
Projects: Stage manager of everything
Peter Moesler
Former Company Member
Projects: Keep Tightly Closed, Abducting Diana, and more
Jordy Oakland
Former Company Member
Projects: Savage in Limbo, Fen, and more
Brian Russell
Former Company Member
Projects: Fen, and more
Rhea Wolf
Former Company Member
Projects: Fen, and more
Kit Koenig
Former Company Member
Projects, actor Headless, company dramaturg
Amanda Boekelheide
Former Company Member
Projects, Fen and more

Past Associates

Tim Stolenwerk
Sound Designer
Tim Stollenwerk has designed several past projects for Sowelu Theater.
Eliza Anderson
Projects: The Lower Rooms and The Water Principle.
Elecia Bebee
Set Design
Projects: In the Boom Boom Room, and many more
Matt DiBiasio
Projects: In the Boom Boom Room, and more
Lea Floden
Projects: Star of Hope, Headless and Curse of the Great Eleven.
Christine Fruehling
Costume Design
Projects: In the Boom Boom Room, and more
Keith Goodman
Choreographer, Director
Projects: The Further Adventures Anse and Bhule in No-man’s Land, The Hero and more
Aaron Katz
Associated Artist
Projects: Writer/director of Dance Party USA, and more
Sharon McAllister
Projects: Lighting design  In the Boom Boom Room, and more
Jamie Rea
Actor, Lighting Design
Projects: Picnic on the Battlefield, and more
Charlie Hamby
Projects, Vincent River - Davey
John Breen
Projects, Picnic on the Battle Field
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