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Develop emotional depth and truthful connection

Ongoing: Monday/Wednesday 6-9pm (students attend 2x per week and work in every class)
$200 paid monthly – Taught by Luke Heyerman and Barry Hunt

Whether you’re just starting out…or feeling you need something more, Meisner study is possibly the surest path to a more truthful and vital connection to yourself, your scene, and your fellow actor. A vibrant yet grounded approach that teaches you to live fully in imaginary circumstances without having to do any “acting.”

Sowelu’s unique, empowering approach blends our extensive experience with the Meisner method into a form that accommodates a new age of stage and media. We offer the only class in Portland based on the extended method perfected by Meisner during his later years in Hollywood where he added new tools and thoughtfully augmented his teachings.

Certainly, no one acting method is for every actor, but the method perfected by Mr. Meisner and adopted by Sowelu has proven to help even the most confounded artists bring their truest, most expressive selves to their work. No method that has had greater impact on the entertainment industry.

Karl Glusman

I had no confidence and I lacked technique. With no solid foundation to work from, the emotional chords within me remained a mystery. Barry Hunt introduced me to the Meisner Technique and through the use of repetition I was suddenly able to harness an incredible emotional life within me. At first, it was overwhelming but with practice I was able to grasp an understanding of my instrument. The Meisner technique offers a set of tools; a solid step-by-step approach for the actor to base his or her craft upon.

Karl Glusman
Actor - Nocturnal Animals, Love, Neon Demon, Stonewall

Acting For The Camera


This session, discover the Sowelu approach to acting for film.

10 weeks: January 25 to March 28, Saturdays Noon-3pm
$250 - Taught by Barry Hunt

Emphasizing deep fantasy and psychophysical gesture, we explore character and scene development for the stage and camera. Based on the work of Robert Ravan, the Sowelu approach is a dynamic compliment to the Meisner method. Take the plunge into this unique technique developed by Sowelu ensemble artists for over 20 years—the approach that earned Sowelu trained actors multiple awards including Best Actor at the OIFF 2016 for Lobsang Tenzin. 

Aaron Katz

When I first took a writing class from Sowelu Artistic Director Barry Hunt I was 16. He taught me how to access my own point of view and to express in writing the way I saw the world. In acting classes I was challenged to dig deeper, to let go of my preconceived ideas, and to trust my instincts. In rehearsals and on set, I am constantly using the tools I was taught to work with my cast. Most importantly, I was taught to find collaborators and trust in them. In short, nearly every aspect of my creative process has been informed in some way by what I learned.

Aaron Katz
Filmmaker - ISA John Cassavetes Award winner 2015 - Land Ho, Gemini



Leap into Portland's most original approach to improv.

6 weeks: Tuesdays 6-8pm
$150 - Taught by Dan Hill 

If you’ve always wanted to know the thrill of riding a shopping cart off an Olympic ski jump—experience Meisner-inspired, lightning-speed, impulse storytelling with the founder of Electric Meat Parade and Space Time Space.

Matt DiBiasio

Dan Hill’s class was a great spring board into the art of improvisation. He drew on techniques I had already established as an actor and artist and worked them into developing honest scenes from scratch. He introduced me to a host of approaches that allowed these scenes to develop and deepen. He encouraged working toward honest connection and imaginative truthfulness. He makes you see greater possibilities for improvisation.

Matt DiBiasio
Actor - In the Boom Boom Room, Good With People, True West

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All classes held at
Sunnyside Community House
3520 SE Yamhill St (near SE Belmont St), Portland, OR 97214

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