Dive deeper with us into new works and stories that cast light into the unknowable dark that typical theaters dare not enter. If you seek something more…

Projects 2017-18
  • The Further Adventure of Anse and Bhule in No-man’s Land by Tania Myren can be seen on Amazon Prime Video. Distributed by Adler and Associates Entertainment, INC, the film has won Best Cinematography for DP Michael Pritchard at the 2015 Santa Fe Film Festival. Shot in a 70's retro art-house...
  • Currently in development for a full production in 2018, Kassandra Terminus has completed a script development workshop with a cast of Sowelu artists funded by Ronni Lacroute. A unique take on the story of Kassandra, Trojan princess whose gift for prophecy was doomed by the curse that none would believe...
  • [embed][/embed] Opening September 8, 2017   The Crackwalker by Judith Thompson examines the lives of the differently abled as they fall through the cracks of social support systems. Directed by Barry Hunt and featuring ensemble member Lorraine Bahr. We welcome guest artists Ryan Downey, Liviya Burns, Anthony Green and Ken Baug....
  • Coming soon  to a theater near you. Winner of Best Drama and Best Actor at the 2016 OIFF, The Lower Rooms is the story of Tenzin, a Tibetan survivor of political torture in Portland, Oregon for rehabilitation. He comes to stay at the home of Madeline, a worker in the...

Rebecca Mowe

We are long time supporters of Sowelu Theater. Sowelu pulls us out of our Shakespeare, August Wilson, Sam Shepard comfort zone and shakes us up. Whatever the play, we know that the cast and crew will put together a professional and entertaining performance.

Rebecca Mowe
Artists in Exploration
Story Labs
Workshops and readings for writers at every level push artists to develop an original voice, craft story and create characters that truthfully capture the human condition.
Actors, directors, and writers explore artistry behind and in front of the camera. We take the award winning work to local and national festivals and worldwide distribution.
Actors, directors, and writers take the Sowelu process outside of the classroom and workshops, exploring important theatrical works for local and regional audiences.
New Works
In special cases, we provide writers with extensive resources, from dramaturgical guidance, actor/director development workshops, to fully realized productions.

In special cases, we provide writers with extensive resources such as access to dramaturgical guidance, actor/director workshops, and fully realized productions of their new works. 

Past works that received full production include:

Brightest Thing in the Dark Tonight

The Hero


Curse of the Great Eleven

Tania Myren

I want to reiterate my thanks for being exactly what I needed. Your brain and the actors you’ve trained created the ideal incubator for this play to emerge into life. I’m enormously grateful for all those hours of discussion, conversation, and work (that isn’t work because it’s so much fun).

Tania Myren
4 Apr, 2018 0
Check out this great interview that followed a 9 out of 10 star review by the same journalist.
25 Feb, 2018 0
A 5 star review in The Flickering Myth. So pleased for Tania and the full cast and crew. Check it...
25 Feb, 2018 0
"one of the most unique post-apocalyptic movies of all time." Check out the film if you have not seen it....
25 Feb, 2018 0
Our film The Further Adventures of Anse and Bhule has been discovered! Check out the rave reviews.  You can view...

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