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Welcome to an ensemble of film and theater makers who believe people hunger for a deeper experience.

What if we don’t seek answers?

What if we stay in a constant state of development ruthlessly committed to question and discovery? What if we’re about process over product?

How do we create depth?

Cathartic isn’t an emotional roller coaster. It’s falling off a mountain. Where others put on masks to project truth we take them off in pursuit of it.

Why do we tell brave stories?

We believe discovery happens out on the edge. Stumble through forests. Transformation requires we enter were the forest is darkest and there is no path.

Michael Fetters

I return to work at Sowelu because I have unfinished business. Because there is a place deeper than the river of emotion on which everything exists and I can go there with Sowelu. There are things that are scary to say and Sowelu finds a way to say it.  There are things that are scary to hear and Sowelu asks you to listen and react as you see fit. I can trust my impulse and except that it will take me exactly where I need to be.

Michael Fetters
Actor, Former Company Member
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Our film of The Further Adventures of Anse and Bhule will be featured in the upcoming book World Gone Wild by David J. Moore. Advanced copies can be bought through Amazon.

Click here to buy the book.

If you are interested in the source material you can buy Tania Myren's original play also through Amazon.

Click here to buy the play.

Check out the trailer here.

You can watch the film on Youtube

OR Tubi

OR Crackle, Plex, Fubo and Plantaflix.

We hope you enjoy Tania's wonderful story however you take it in!

Ronni Lacroute

I have been drawn to the courage, originality and depth of SOWELU Dramatic’s creative process and artistic output. This is a company that is deeply committed to the discovery process, to asking questions but not necessarily finding answers, to telling stories that no one else dares to tell. I feel honored to invest in the work of such brave artists who explore with compassion the depths of the human soul while challenging the audience to go along on a dangerous ride in search of the truth. Who knows what might be revealed during such artistic explorations. By investing in SOWELU Dramatic, I feel like I am helping to finance a voyage of Discovery.

Ronni Lacroute
Audience, Donor
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Acting for camera!
Thinking of an acting for camera class? Check out this student work guided by instructor Barry Hunt.

Sowelu has a unique and award recognized approach to film acting. We are offering workshops and coaching. For more information click on our "Training" tab above or call 503-730-9066.

Watch this classroom work of actor Igor Rogoza as he makes a breakthrough in the Sowelu process and navigates big emotion while taking direction.

View the lesson with the view more tab.

Aaron Katz

When I first took a writing class from Sowelu Artistic Director Barry Hunt I was 16. He taught me how to access my own point of view and to express in writing the way I saw the world. In acting classes I was challenged to dig deeper, to let go of my preconceived ideas, and to trust my instincts. In rehearsals and on set, I am constantly using the tools I was taught to work with my cast. Most importantly, I was taught to find collaborators and trust in them. In short, nearly every aspect of my creative process has been informed in some way by what I learned.

Aaron Katz
Filmmaker - ISA John Cassavetes Award winner 2015 - Land Ho, Gemini
More News!
Daniel Hill
We want to brag about Dan Hill and his new film "Beth + Jeremy & Steve."

Dan Hill is our youngest company member and board member. Since 2005 he has played leading roles in three Sowelu stage plays and our first feature film. Daniel is a producer, director, writer, improviser and technician.

Dan's screenwriting and directing debut "Beth + Jeremy & Steve" (Executive Producer Pierre Kiecolt-Wahl) has been making the rounds. It has screened in Santa Fe winning a Best Actress award for Briana Ratterman, In Chicago were it won Best Screenplay and recently opened the Bremen Film Festival in Germany.

The film features actors from the Sowelu training ground with Lucas Friedman, Briana Ratterman, Matt DiBiasio (In the Boom Boom Room, Sowelu Theater.) Dan collaborated with cinematographer Michael Pritchard. They first worked together on Sowelu’s The Further Adventures of Anse and Bhule in No-man’s Land in which Dan played Bhule. Michael went on to win Best Cinematography for that film at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

Dan wrote the screenplay for “Beth + Jeremy & Steve” in Sowelu writing workshops. An integral part of the ensemble if he is not acting for the company, he is working on the Board of Directors, teaching improv, training in our classes or support roles on all Sowelu endeavors.

Click here to see the trailer.

Lorraine Bahr

I continue to work with Sowelu because the process dives deep, every single time.

Lorraine Bahr
Actor, Company Member
The Further Adventures of Anse and Bhule
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Check out this podcast with director Barry Hunt at Library at the End of the World.

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