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Support an ensemble of film and theater makers who believe people hunger for a deeper experience.

What If We Don’t Seek Answers?

We’re about process over product, ruthlessly committed to question and discovery.

How Can We Create Depth?

Through a brave and sophisticated process honed over two decades of creative collaboration.

Why Do We Tell Challenging Stories?

Transformative experiences require that you enter where the forest is darkest and there is no path.

Ronni Lacroute – audience, donor

I have been drawn to the courage, originality and depth of SOWELU Dramatic’s creative process and artistic output. This is a company that is deeply committed to the discovery process, to asking questions but not necessarily finding answers, to telling stories that no one else dares to tell. I feel honored to invest in the work of such brave artists who explore with compassion the depths of the human soul while challenging the audience to go along on a dangerous ride in search of the truth. Who knows what might be revealed during such artistic explorations. By investing in SOWELU Dramatic, I feel like I am helping to finance a voyage of Discovery.

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Join Ronni Lacroute and fund Kassandra Terminus, a new work by Tania Myren.

Support our development of new works in the newly christened Sowelu Living Room Lab.

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The Further Adventure of Anse and Bhule in No-man's Land by Tania Myren can be seen on Amazon Prime Video....
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Kassandra Terminus by Tania Myren is centered on the moment in time of the mythical Kassandra's passing from life to...